Hit the Ground Running

Time to get it in...

Time to get it in…

Welcome the “live” journal of my fitness journey.  Like many people, I have had my own struggles with weight.  I have been up and down the scale and in and out of the gym.  I have learned that I am an emotional eater.  Unlike some people who lose their appetite during stressful, or depressing times, I tend to do the opposite.  I reach for salty and sweet snacks as I crawl into a hole deep within myself.  Once I have completed my “pitty party” I resurface feeling ready to take charge of myself and the world.

I know what to do, to lose weight and to maintain it and while I am not afraid of the most challenging workouts, my biggest challenge is food.  Coming from a family of great creole cuisine and southern comfort food, and being a creative chef myself…delicious food is deeply rooted within me and my family.  Changing the food I eat has become a positive experience.

This blog a “live” record of my journey.  I look forward to sharing my journey through the food I eat, my workouts, and the progress that I make.

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