Pop Tart Haunting…

Pop Tarts

I love Pop Tarts.  It stems from childhood enjoyment.  I like them toasted or straight out of the shiny silver packaging, but NEVER under any circumstance will I eat them microwaved.  (ugh!  *cold shiver).
I woke up this morning with an intense craving for one.  I could taste it, I could smell it in the toaster, it was haunting me.  I hit the snooze button on my craving so that I could continue my blissful and sleepy journey for as long as I could.  But when I got up to start my day, I remembered I had some blueberry Pop Tart’s in the pantry.  Were they stalking me???
As I walked towards the pantry, and checking twitter, facebook and emails on my phone, I thought about the warm crunchy texture encasing the sweet blueberry flavor within.  As I contemplated taking the plunge into 400 sugary calories, I looked at She’s Evolving on FB and realized that I wanted something MORE than a moment of delight that I would regret afterward…and the aching in my body reminded me that I was on my way…
I closed the pantry door and grabbed some water feeling quite TRIUMPHANT!  😉

Enjoy your day!



SupplementsSupplementation is just as important in the equation of reaching your goals as nutrition/diet, and exercise.  The supplements provided below are my choice because they work for me.  Keep in mind that what works for me may not work for you.

Meltdown (fatburner)-energy, mental focus,
Fish Oil-Omega 3s
Multi Vitamin-nutrients for your body
Isopure Protein powder (Chocolate)
Isopure Protein Drink
Muscle Milk Protein (I tend to grab these when I’m on the go, hungry and not wanting to eat junk food)

Once I get fully back into the swing of things, I will also work these back into the equation:

Beast Sports Nutrition Aminolytes (comes in powder form and only in Watermelon flavor-but YUM!!!)
Bodybuilding Foundation Series Casesin Protein-slow absorbing to work on your muscles when you are at rest.  (I drink it before bed-ONLY MIX IT WITH WATER!!! it swells and gets SUPER thick, great flavor, a little chalky but not bad)
Dymatize ISO-100 Gourmet Vanilla Protein-(I love Isopure, but it’s expensive.  Dymatize is cost efficient, no carbs, no sugar 25g of Protein p/svg and it tastes delicious!)
Natrol Multiple Energizer-GREAT multi-vitamin VERY cost efficient!

The market for supplements can and IS overwhelming.  There is so much available with claims of amazing things the products can do.  It’s really challenging to decide which products to use and for what.  My suggestion, that has worked extremely well in the past is to research.  Don’t simply go by the glossy ads in fitness magazines or crazy commercials endorsed by celebrities.

Bodybuilding.com offers a simple approach by allowing you to search for supplements by various methods.  They allow you to search by category, plan, ingredients, brand, top 50, and sale items.  My favorite of these, and what I suggest to beginners, is to search by GOALS.  By doing so, you are searching for products that support your fitness goals.  When you search by goals, they will suggest a stack of products that work well together to help you reach your goal.  What I choose to do is look at the products in the stacks and search for the product, (not the brand), and choose products by the brand that has the highest consumer rating.  I click on the ratings and read the reviews, paying close attention to negative comments.  Most of the consumer ratings have pictures of the customer that wrote the review.

Bodybuilding.com provides detailed information as well as videos that discuss the products, their use, target audience, and use.  If you still have questions, they have a great live support team available to you via online, or calling their customer service line.  When I have had questions, they would ask me what my goals were, what I was taking, what I am looking for.  Unlike going to GNC, where they only push their products, I was able to have an educated conversation about supplements and reaching my goals.  The added touch is after any phone call I have ever had, they followed up with me via email.  My orders were always on time, packaged well and had free samples of other products.  I have provided direct link to Bodybuilding.com’s Shop By Goal section below…


Good Luck!  Let me know if you have questions!


What a Great Day!!! (Leg Day)

I thoroughly enjoyed myself today.  I’m sore, but I did it!

Despite the high hopes I had sunday night for my monday workout and scheduled day, it turned into a lackluster day for me.  This morning I woke up eagerly anticipating my day.  I jumped up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, put on my gym clothes and grabbed a protein drink and ran out of the door.

The gym greeted me with empty open arms.  I could count the number of people in the gym on two hands with fingers left to spare.  This meant, I had full range of the gym without having to slow down my momentum by waiting for equipment. ( My workout routine is available to those who are interested by clicking on the sweat…tears…and squat tab.)  Needless to say, I had a truly GREAT workout!

I am not a stranger to working out, to supplementation or to nutrition.  I strayed from what was working for me because I am always interested in learning new alternatives.  While I learned new things about supplementation, it also taught me about what was and was not working for me.  I also learned that I was pushing myself too hard and I got burned out.  For months on end, I felt uninspired with no interest in working out.  I stopped taking supplements prior to deciding to make a switch on products.  Finally after several months had passed, I chose to pick myself up and get back on the path, but this time I decided that I wanted to try things differently.

I chose to separate my workouts by alternating days that I did weights, and cardio.  I switched my supplements, and I tried changing my diet to something very strict and unrealistic for me.  This began my downward spiral in domino fashion.  The results were short-lived, my supplements were providing me the nutrients, but I was not getting the energy that I needed.  Because I did not have energy, workouts were becomming shorter and eventually non-existent.  My body started feeling thicker.  I just felt tired…

After missing my gym life, I started to think about what changed for me and realized that I needed go back to the basics.  I have since returned to my supplements, made my diet simple, clean and easy to follow and have returned to the gym, and I feel great!