What a Great Day!!! (Leg Day)

I thoroughly enjoyed myself today.  I’m sore, but I did it!

Despite the high hopes I had sunday night for my monday workout and scheduled day, it turned into a lackluster day for me.  This morning I woke up eagerly anticipating my day.  I jumped up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, put on my gym clothes and grabbed a protein drink and ran out of the door.

The gym greeted me with empty open arms.  I could count the number of people in the gym on two hands with fingers left to spare.  This meant, I had full range of the gym without having to slow down my momentum by waiting for equipment. ( My workout routine is available to those who are interested by clicking on the sweat…tears…and squat tab.)  Needless to say, I had a truly GREAT workout!

I am not a stranger to working out, to supplementation or to nutrition.  I strayed from what was working for me because I am always interested in learning new alternatives.  While I learned new things about supplementation, it also taught me about what was and was not working for me.  I also learned that I was pushing myself too hard and I got burned out.  For months on end, I felt uninspired with no interest in working out.  I stopped taking supplements prior to deciding to make a switch on products.  Finally after several months had passed, I chose to pick myself up and get back on the path, but this time I decided that I wanted to try things differently.

I chose to separate my workouts by alternating days that I did weights, and cardio.  I switched my supplements, and I tried changing my diet to something very strict and unrealistic for me.  This began my downward spiral in domino fashion.  The results were short-lived, my supplements were providing me the nutrients, but I was not getting the energy that I needed.  Because I did not have energy, workouts were becomming shorter and eventually non-existent.  My body started feeling thicker.  I just felt tired…

After missing my gym life, I started to think about what changed for me and realized that I needed go back to the basics.  I have since returned to my supplements, made my diet simple, clean and easy to follow and have returned to the gym, and I feel great!



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