Why Pay Fitness Forward???


Why I choose to pay fitness forward…

I met an interesting man in the gym the other day.  He appeared to be in his mid to late sixties and was very proud to share his 100bls weight loss story with me.  We exchanged what are current goals are and offered insight in each others’ workout.  I walked away feeling inspired by a man who was twice my age and worked out as regularly and as hard as I do.

There are many stories like that in the gym.  On the flip side, there are also stories of where we all began in the gym.  At some point in our lives, we have been the new person in the gym and feeling uncertain on what to do so we stick to that one piece of equipment that we understand.  As a new person, you find yourself taking mental notes of how to use other equipment by watching other people.  Perhaps on a day when the gym is practically empty, you will attempt to try new equipment.

I have been approached many times and told that I should be a trainer, or a nutritionist and I previously considered it.  But what I learned is that I am fitness and nutrition enthusiast and with everything I learn, I want to share with the next person.  I have had my own success and failure stories that are filled with lessons learned.  With the lessons I have learned, I believe that it is my responsibility to help the next person.  Trust me when I say that my own success stories are filled with lessons I have learned from others.  Why should health and fitness be any different?

With everything I learn, with everything I know; I choose to pay it forward.  This state of mind is the reason I have chosen to blog.  The only thing I ask of anyone that learns and/or benefits from me, my posts, my workouts, or my nutritional information, is to share it and pay it forward to the next person.  Be a positive force in someone else’s life…the rewards endlessly ripple effect to others.