The More You Know…

When it comes to getting in shape, I can tell you one thing…No One Is Going to Give It to You! That is the truth. You have to work hard, focus, and push yourself beyond what you imagined that you could do. You have to eat right, drag yourself to the gym when you’re sore, sick, tired, not up to it, and especially when you want to give up. This is called paying your dues.

I am a fitness enthusiast. I walk it, talk it, sleep it, and drink it. I am getting better at “eating” it. I, like everyone else in this world, am a work in progress and I know that the results that I want are up to me. It is up to me to invest time in myself to reach my goal, just as it is up to you to make this happen for yourself and I believe in you, I KNOW you can do it!
I am more than happy to share my knowledge with you to help you reach your goals; but most importantly I think it is important for me to also share how to do your own research. The more you know, the more vested you are in your fitness journey. Putting knowledge behind your physical efforts will only give you a better appreciation for everything you do to reach your goal. You will also feel more confident and empowered because you will know what you’re doing and you will understand why you’re doing it.  No one will be able to talk circles around you and convince to buy things you don’t need or doing physical activities that you don’t want or enjoy doing.  You will be able to create your own workouts, create your own meals, and take the supplements of your choice.  Empowering right?

Quite often I like to share pictures of exercises, and some of you follow my exercises on my blog “Sweat…Tears…Squat” and add them to your own workout regimen. I have received a few inquiries asking how to do some of the exercises that I have listed. Describing how to do an exercise is challenging because reading is highly interpretive. I do not want anyone injuring themselves by doing what they “think” I’m talking about.
My first suggestion is to simply Google or Bing. When the selections open, either choose Images, or Videos at the top of your page. For more in-depth information that will provide you alternate methods of working the same muscle groups, enjoy the next option.

The following link is to one of my favorite websites. It is almost like an “Encyclopedia of Fitness”. The information on this site almost seems endless. I have mentioned before that is where I prefer to purchase my supplements-(they are cheaper and have EXCELLENT customer service). I’m sending you a link that takes you directly to the section of exercise demonstrations. Select the muscle group that you desire, and it will open a page of “how to” videos. When the video opens, you also have the option to view it with a male or female demonstration. The videos also have someone talking you through the demos, and offer the difficulty range of the exercise. Please feel free to modify any of my exercises to suit your difficulty level; just make sure that you are still working the same muscle groups.  If you feel you need this support while you are on the go, download their app, it is just as awesome!

In the future, I will be sure to include where I received my information (when applicable).

Be Fit! Be Well! Go Hard or Go Home!  😉

Your comments are appreciated!

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