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Grocery Store Explorer…

I had a wonderful day with my mom today as we explored various grocery stores. Our trip today was not about grocery shopping, but more about stepping outside of our comfort zones. We tried different cheeses, wine, salad, fruit and breads.magnifying-glass

Through my little adventure, I was excited to discover new healthy snacks to satisfy the sweet tooth I often fall victim to. I tried Whole Foods DELICIOUS 365 Organic Early Bird Multi Seed Bread with natural peanut butter and sliced bananas. I have seen pictures of this sandwich on the internet, but it never appealed to me until I tried it today. The combination of textures from the seeded bread and the peanut butter, accompanied by the creamy sweetness of the banana is a delicious treat.

Another sweet delight I enjoyed at Whole Foods today was a banana dipped in 365’s cocoa chia seeds. Aside from tasting like chocolate banana ice cream, the chia seeds offered a slight crunch that contrasted from the creamy taste and texture from the banana. Chia seeds are loaded with nutrition such as minerals that include iron, magnesium, zinc, and offer more calcium than whole milk. They also offer fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acid and is extremely high in anti-oxidants. While this information is quite impressive, it does not begin to scratch the surface of the powerful punch chia seeds offer.

Visiting health food stores, Asian markets, and other places like Farmer’s Markets are great places to have a “field trip”. Not necessarily to buy everything in the store that is labeled “Healthy” or “Organic”; sometimes it is simply about discovering new foods, trying new combinations or looking for healthier options to food you are already eating. For example, I was excited to find Spinach Kale Ravioli at Trader Joe’s today.

At Super Target I discovered a thick and creamy yogurt called Noosa that is made from natural cows whose diet is maintained by grazing the pasture and eating home-grown grain, silage and alfalfa without the use of pesticides and the mild is also free of artificial growth hormones, better known as GMO. Yoghurt is sweetened with honey and fruit purees are natural and free of artificial ingredients to include flavors, colors and preservatives. I tried the passion fruit and made a love connection. One container consists of two servings, 160 calories, 50 from fat. Because of how thick it is, I was pleasantly satisfied after 3 bites. Packaging makes it easy to store what’s left. Definitely worth trying!

If you are looking to get out of the house and not quite sure of what to do, try spending the day visiting grocery stores outside of your comfort zone or normal routine. You never know what you will find!