Are You on Target?

My friend Theresa is a RN and she generously writes posts for She’s Evolving on occassion to offer a medical perspective.  This is one that she wrote about your target heart rate…


Knowing your heart rate is an important factor in determining overall health status. It also helps with deciding when to increase your level of activity to improve the benefits of exercise.

An average adult’s resting heart rate should range from 60-100. Well conditioned athletes often lean toward the lower end of that scale due to increase efficiency of the heart which equals less beats required to get the blood where it needs to go. Any variations from this range may indicate a serious underlying health issue and must never be overlooked. If you notice your resting heart rate consistently out of these ranges, please consult your physician. Also note, caffeine, medications and emotional stress may give an inaccurate resting heart rate reading.

Know Your Target!...

Know Your Target!…

Target heart rate refers to the maximum heart rate you should reach during exercise. It is recommended you exercise within 55 – 85% of this rate for 20-30 minutes to obtain optimal results depending on the training zone you are shooting for which will be broken down in my next post. An easy reference tool you can use to determine your target heart rate is to Subtract your age from 220 (males) or 226 (females). Wearing a heart rate monitor can also be beneficial.Take Care of Yourselves!


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Don’t Covet…Share It!

Help others grow by sharing what you know...

Help others grow by sharing what you know…

I am not a trainer, nor am I a degree(d) expert with a wall full of certifications.  What I am is a grown woman who has battled weight issues majority of her life due to emotional eating.  I am a fitness enthusiast.

I was once the girl who followed fad crash diets that led to no where, or put me in a worse position than where I started.  I am now the woman who has a better understanding of how and why I gained weight, and I am more educated on what I need to do and how I need to do it.

I now understand that it is not only about dieting, or exercising to the point of exhaustion-because you are going to bust your ass and EARN the results you want.  “It” is in fact, a lifestyle change, a fresh perspective, a new way of life.  It is about self-reflection, re-evaluating surrounding relationships, and tough decision-making.  It requires unbridled truth.

On the opposite side, “It” also comes with the responsibility of sharing what you know with others and help them to reach their goals.  This is give and take.

That is what She’s Evolving is all about.  I am about sharing what I know; my own experiences, my own journey, my trials and errors and lessons learned, and I am sharing it them with anyone who will benefit.  I am also very open to your journey, your comments your suggestions.


So please, take what you need to achieve your goal…

…and I will learn from you to continue our evolution.

Love Your Body…Enjoy Your Workout!


Work In Progress…




After a training session that I had on Monday, I sat with a new friend and we took a few minutes to catch our breath.  As I wrote down the exercises that we performed, we began talking about the different goals that people have in the gym.  I remember her mentioning that she did not get why there were slender people in the gym.  I did not find her statement to be offensive because it is a common assumption that we all have when we are losing weight. 

When you’re losing weight, you cannot imagine why someone smaller than us would want to workout.  We imagine that once we reach our goal weight, or goal size that “that’s it!”, “I’m done!”.  The truth is, that is when the REAL work begins, but that is a whole other post subject.  The goal is not just about losing weight, it is about changing our lives as a whole so that we can grow from our previous way of living.  Our goal should be to evolve to a healthier lifestyle that we will continue to maintain. 

<<<Back to the Story at Hand!>>>

My response to her observation is that people who are new to the gym or feel self-conscious about being in the gym should remember, that EVERYONE in the gym is working on something about themselves.  Some people are there to lose weight, some people are there for health reasons or to maintain a healthy weight, and slender people are there to work on their bodies as well. 

I told her about a friend I had named Jennifer that was 5 foot 8 and was naturally slender and basically wore sizes between 0-3/4.  She was the opposite end of the spectrum from me.  As an emotional eater, I tend to eat when I am stressed or unhappy.  Jennifer lost her appetite during those instances.  It never occurred to me until I met and became friends with Jennifer, that slim people were unhappy with their bodies as well.  In Jennifer’s case, she wanted to gain weight, but it was very challenging.  It was as difficult for her to gain a pound as it was for me to lose a pound.  She was self-conscious about her appearance, about how clothes fit on her body.  It was not any different than the experiences and insecurities I had with my own body.

The point that I was trying to make was that we are all a work in progress.  Although our goals may be different, the gym is where we all go to work on ourselves.  We go to they gym to pay our dues with hard work, sweat, grunts, heart rate and deep heavy breaths.  We walk in fast, and walk out slow.  You start making friends with the people you see there regularly.  You learn from each other and complement one another on your progress.

So the next time you walk into the gym and feel the eyes of other members burning in your back, just remember, we are ALL there for the same reason and that is to improve ourselves.  Don’t let others discourage you let them motivate you.

Stay Positive and Stay Focused!