Are You on Target?

My friend Theresa is a RN and she generously writes posts for She’s Evolving on occassion to offer a medical perspective.  This is one that she wrote about your target heart rate…


Knowing your heart rate is an important factor in determining overall health status. It also helps with deciding when to increase your level of activity to improve the benefits of exercise.

An average adult’s resting heart rate should range from 60-100. Well conditioned athletes often lean toward the lower end of that scale due to increase efficiency of the heart which equals less beats required to get the blood where it needs to go. Any variations from this range may indicate a serious underlying health issue and must never be overlooked. If you notice your resting heart rate consistently out of these ranges, please consult your physician. Also note, caffeine, medications and emotional stress may give an inaccurate resting heart rate reading.

Know Your Target!...

Know Your Target!…

Target heart rate refers to the maximum heart rate you should reach during exercise. It is recommended you exercise within 55 – 85% of this rate for 20-30 minutes to obtain optimal results depending on the training zone you are shooting for which will be broken down in my next post. An easy reference tool you can use to determine your target heart rate is to Subtract your age from 220 (males) or 226 (females). Wearing a heart rate monitor can also be beneficial.Take Care of Yourselves!


aka “The Nurse”


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