Don’t Covet…Share It!

Help others grow by sharing what you know...

Help others grow by sharing what you know…

I am not a trainer, nor am I a degree(d) expert with a wall full of certifications.  What I am is a grown woman who has battled weight issues majority of her life due to emotional eating.  I am a fitness enthusiast.

I was once the girl who followed fad crash diets that led to no where, or put me in a worse position than where I started.  I am now the woman who has a better understanding of how and why I gained weight, and I am more educated on what I need to do and how I need to do it.

I now understand that it is not only about dieting, or exercising to the point of exhaustion-because you are going to bust your ass and EARN the results you want.  “It” is in fact, a lifestyle change, a fresh perspective, a new way of life.  It is about self-reflection, re-evaluating surrounding relationships, and tough decision-making.  It requires unbridled truth.

On the opposite side, “It” also comes with the responsibility of sharing what you know with others and help them to reach their goals.  This is give and take.

That is what She’s Evolving is all about.  I am about sharing what I know; my own experiences, my own journey, my trials and errors and lessons learned, and I am sharing it them with anyone who will benefit.  I am also very open to your journey, your comments your suggestions.


So please, take what you need to achieve your goal…

…and I will learn from you to continue our evolution.

Love Your Body…Enjoy Your Workout!



3 thoughts on “Don’t Covet…Share It!

    • I just read your story and we are more alike than you know. We are the same age and same weight challenges, though I didn’t enter a contest. 😉
      My story is that I trained myself from a 14 to a size 8. My goal was size 6. Shortly after reaching my goal, I was crushed between two trucks on my way to work. My accident left me with an inverted sacrum, misaligned hips, a crooked spine from severe muscle spasms, one leg was longer than the other, my whole right side would go numb. Oh, and did I mention that my doctor told me that the accident brought forth arthritis in my back? Yes, the man who hit me with his truck left me some nice treats to remember him by-(all because he said he wasn’t paying attention). I’m blessed that I survived and that my injuries aren’t worse.
      It took me a year to recover and to put all that weight back on with extra of course. lol
      So I’m in a place where I know what to do and how to do it, but I feel like I get so far and my back shuts me down. It’s not muscular pain, the only wadi to describe it is that I feel completely broken. When the pain hits me, I can’t sit, stand, bend or lay down for long periods of time. I have learned to be patient with my body and just wait until I can move around again.
      The challenge is, when this stand still hits me, I get frustrated and depressed because it’s usually when I’m in my zone and really seeing results. So I get depressed because it geeks like my body is in the way of my fitness goals. Being the emotional eater that I am, it seems to put me right back on that viscous cycle…eating because I’m upset, upset because my movement is limited, can’t work out and gaining weight again, so I eat more…it goes on and on.
      But as soon as my body heals itself, I spring right back into action.
      Right now I’m training hard as ever but I give myself more time to rest between workouts. I’m more aware of what exercises aggravate my injuries and gave found alternative exercises that work for me.

      I love fitness and jump at any opportunity to learn more about it. I’m reading more and more about nutrition because I have learned that fitness and nutrition go hand in hand.

      I think that it is great that you are training for your certification. I have been seriously considering doing the same. My challenge is that right now I’m in the middle of a BA degree program and plan to pursue my Masters. But I want to find a way to do both because I am very passionate about health and fitness.

      Right now I’m training two friends of mine and my mother. (My mom has lost 30 lbs under my instruction-very proud about that).

      I’m sorry, I’m just rambling on and on…I just wanted to share my experience with you with a little more depth. 😉
      (please excuse any misspelled words, I’m Swyping this from my phone!)

Your comments are appreciated!

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