As I have previously mentioned, a friend of mine who I have been referring to as “Tammy” asked me to help her lose weight and train her in the gym during my workouts.  Tammy is always on time, has a positive attitude and never complains about the exercises that I give her.  We always  meet on M/W/F from 1-3pm.  I am immensely proud of her, her hard work and her commitment level.

We were scheduled to meet on Friday, I really wasn’t feeling well.  I had a headache and was really not in the mood for working out but I did not want to let her down.  I also knew that once I got into the gym and started moving, I would feel better.

I arrived at the gym at 12:47 and I sat in my car waiting for her to arrive.  Although she is always on time, she did not arrive to the gym until 1:32.  Which meant, it gave me extra time to get pretty creative with our workout routine.  Usually I meet with Tammy prior to our workouts and jot down some exercises and we hit the ground running.  Today was different, I had time to really think about the exercises for us to do.  I text Tammy and told her that being late was giving me time to get creative with our routine.  I then text and said “you do realize that today is going to be a BEAST don’t you?”  She laughed and said she figured that out.  30 minutes later she arrived.

This day was the first time I could read Tammy calling me a “Bitch” in her mind, and that was during the warm up.  Typically we warm up with a 15 minute walk/run.  This time, I changed it to a 20 minute walk.  Every 2 minutes we increased the incline to the next odd number. So we started at 0 but skipped 1 and went straight into an incline of 3. When we reached an incline of 15, we drastically slowed the treadmill and turned around, slightly squatted down and walked backwards for 3 minutes until the cool down.

During our walk, I continuously discouraged her from holding on to and leaning on the treadmill for support.  I encouraged her to rely on her core to help her stand tall, balance, and maintain her positioning on the treadmill.  I told her that if she found herself about to hold on to decrease her speed.  Posture is everything.

Tammy generally likes to wear a hoodie on the treadmill so that she gets in a good sweat.  About 5 minutes into the walk, she was down to her tank top.  She was hot, sweating, and feeling the burn in her legs and her face read “I hate you bitch” every time I told her not to hold on.  After the 20 minutes were over, we laughed at how she looked like she wanted to curse me out.  She admitted that she was really feeling like she wanted to quit and walk out the door, but was happy she endured it.  We both laughed at her facial expressions calling me “Bitch”.  I actually found it quite funny.  Lol!

The remainder of our workout went as follows:

Push Ups
Cable Curls
(Superset-2X15, 1X15)

Barbell Front/Back Press
Alternating Single Arm Shoulder Press
(Superset 2X15)

Shoulder Raise
Shoulder Shrug
(Superset 3X15)

Ab Incline (10 lbs)

Single Leg Deadlifts
Donkey Kicks
(Superset 3X12)

Single Leg Cable Kickbacks (3X15)

Leg Raises
Knees to Chest
Hip Raises
(Superset 6 minutes with 20 sec rest)

Walking Lunges
Backwards Walking Lunges
(Superset 3X15/10/15/10)

We trained from 1:32-4:10pm.  As we slowly walked out the gym aching, and exhausted, I told Tammy how proud I was of her because I know that I push hard but she hangs in there.  She told me that she liked working out with me because she has never had someone push her like I do.  She said she felt like quitting a few times but that I kept her going and she feels great afterward.  She is most proud of the changes her body is making.  Her face is slimming out, and she is losing inches.

There is something very rewarding when you observe someone who is realizing their own potential and seeing their progress.  While we working our shoulders, she had the biggest smile when she noticed her shoulders taking form.  I told her that I noticed the look of empowerment that came over her face when she finished an exercise she didn’t think she could do.  I am so proud of her and I am looking forward to our next workout session.