The Ugly Truth…

dressing roomThere is nothing like the brutal reflection in the mirror of a department store dressing room to bring you to the harsh reality of where you are with your fitness.  I had the pleasure of going shopping this evening for some pants to wear to work and my oh my what a reality check.  I was immediately made aware of exactly where I was with my fitness and nutrition.

The reflection that stared back at me knew my secrets of what, where, and when I was eating.  It knew if I completed my workout, and if I made excuses.It taunted me with what I have been doing wrong.  Although I joked with my mother and said “I’d go crawl under a rock, but I don’t think I could fit” (Lmfao).  But I was surprised at my reaction to what I was viewing in the mirror.

As an emotional eater, I usually tend to eat more when I am feeling upset.  But I used the image staring back at me and thought to myself, “You know what you have to do!”  I walked out feeling determined to keep going on my path.  I used this disappointment as a strength to push me harder rather than an excuse to quit.  I have no desire to give up and sit on the sidelines of life feeling defeated.

The ugly truth about life is that you will be thrown curve balls at every opportunity.  The test is about how you handle it.  Falling apart at every obstacle is not going to get you to the next level.  You simply have to take life one day and one step at a time and be ready for the great obstacle course called life.

Stick with your program, research, ask for help…do whatever you have to do to stay focused and keep your eye on the prize.  It is worth it in the end!