JNL’s Glutes That Salute!

I have posted this workout before, but it really is a great workout that addresses your assets! (*pun intended!) Enjoy!


Moved to Tears…

What is it about witnessing someone achieving their weight loss greatness that moves us?  If you are like me, these success stories tend to move me to tears.  I openly admit to being an emotional person already, but I am truly touched by those who reach and exceed their own expectations.  Perhaps I am relating my own struggles, my own failures and success to the stories of others.

jarvez hall

Today I watched Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition and it shared the story of a man who was over 500 lbs.  Ready to make a serious life change, this gentleman pushed himself to the limits and learned about himself along the way.  At one point of the show, he shares his revelation that he never dealt with the loss of his mother.  He mourned the death of his mother with food.  He met almost every goal set by his trainer until he got a severe case of vertigo.  Although vertigo kept him out of commission for almost a month, he did not let him deter him from his final goal.  In the end he successfully loss 267 lbs and went from a 70 inch waist to a 38 inch waist.

During his followup, he revealed that after his weight loss success, he felt like he could relax now since he met his goal, but found out that he quickly put on 20 lbs.  It was then that he learned he quickly gained 20 lbs.  Reality quickly set in that this was a lifetime of change not just about losing weight but about lifestyle change.

I think I was moved to tears because his story was a highly relatable one.  I think we all have met our goal and became complacent; only to have to return to day one.  Diet and exercise are a challenging balancing act.  One we all have struggle with.  While for many of us the struggle is generally with weight loss, but this is also a relatable struggle for people who are trying to gain weight.

When I think about my own journey, I can recall a series of success stories and failures.  On many occasions I have thought about what was going on in my life at the time to led me to stray from my goals.  During my self-analysis, I discovered that I have a habit to eat emotionally and was not using portion control.  Since then, I have learned what accurate portions were and began following them.  I recognize that emotional eating will always be a work in progress.  The trick is to choose healthier alternatives during stressful times instead of snacking.

Instead of punishing myself over my short comings, I have since learned to learn the value in my situation and learn from it.  We are all a work in progress, I cannot  stress that enough.  Fighting for your goal is not an easy battle, but it is a rewarding one.

Whatever your struggle is, please know that you are not alone.  When you find yourself falling into a valley, dust yourself off and trek your way out.  The walk may be steep, but you can work your way out.

Stay Positive.  Stay Focused.  Prepare Yourself for Success!