Justification Starts With “I’ll just…”


Temptation is all around us.  We are fed millions of images per day that tempt us to do this that we know we should not be doing.  Some days we are more successful than others at resisting this temptation, but what about the days that we are not???

I can’t think of any other phrase that is used to justify one’s actions than those starting with “I’ll just…”.  Those two words alone are permissive to almost anything.  Considering that this blog is dedicated to health and fitness, I will use the following examples: pink doughnut with a bite taken out isolated on white

  • “I’ll just work out later”.
  • “I’ll just eat this (insert junk/fast food of choice) and won’t eat dinner. <OR> “…and will eat a salad for dinner.”
  • “I’ll just have one bite”.
  • “I’ll just start next week”.
  • “I’ll just make this my cheat day” (…A POPULAR ONE I’M SURE)

*Please feel free to think of how many times that you have used this phrase and think of what you were trying to justify to yourself every time you used it.

Anyone who knows me, or who has been following me for a while knows that I do not support instant, drastic and unrealistic changes to your diet.  I think they only set you up for failure in the long run.  I do not think that you have to eliminate every pleasure in order to achieve success.  It is about making smarter choices that work for you, and portion control.  But that is not what this post is about. (Save it for a later date!)

Throughout our day, we are tempted to foods and habits that will distract us and prevent us from reaching our goal.  We often use “I’ll just” to justify the act we are about to make.  When it comes to eating, we think that just by taking small bites on various treats throughout the day that we are not causing harm to our diet.   The truth is that without you realizing it, you are ruining your diet.  Everything has calories these calories add up as you snack mindlessly throughout your day.

Here are some helpful hints to prevent mindless snacking and to better manage the foods that you are consuming:

  • Study yourself to determine if you are bored or actually hungry (Learn and know the difference)
  • Plan your meals and snacks in advance (at least a day in advance)
  • Drink 80z of water before snacking
  • READ THE LABELS!!! Be aware of what a single serving is, how many calories are in a single serving, and measure accordingly
  • Opt for healthier options to snack on
  • Maintain a food journal to help you stay on track-(there are many free apps available on your cell phone that do all the work for you!-Check out LOSE IT! and My Fitness Pal

Don’t beat yourself up for falling victim to justifying phrases; instead, try turning a negative into a positive.  Start thinking “I’ll just make better choices”.  Life is all about choices…it’s up to no one but YOU to choose wisely!

Educate your mind.  Nourish Your Spirit. Love Yourself!


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