Remix Workouts by Creating Your Own!

Although this video does not show her full length workout routine, Angela Simmons gives us a peek inside of her routine with her trainer Coach Nelson.  Most of the exercises look familiar to me, and I can tell you that her training session was no joke.  Jumping rope, burpees, walk-outs, jumping sumo squats, sit-up/knee tucks all make for a challenging workout.  This does not include her boxing training.

As I mentioned, this video does not show the full workout, but it shouldn’t be dismissed so quickly.  Videos like this could be used for exercise ideas.  I use videos such as these to create my own Cardio Drillz or weight training sessions, or to mix both together.  It keeps your workout interesting and challenging.  Your body won’t know what hit it!  😉

For example, I would create a superset-(transitioning from one exercise to the next without a break), by doing 15-20 repetitions of squats and superset it with burpees.  I would super set Angela’s sit up cross over punch with push-ups and add an additional exercise of walk-outs.  These three exercises would create one set. Use videos like Angela’s as a guide for building your customized workout.  Then decide how many repetitions and how many sets you want to do.

I encourage you to save your money and get into the driver’s seat of your healthy lifestyle evolution. Start setting your own goals and creating your own workouts. It feels kind of empowering to create a workout that pushes you beyond your limits and even better when you complete it. There is also a whole other commitment level and accountability factor.

How to create a challenging workout of your own COMING SOON!
Stay Tuned! 😉


Your comments are appreciated!

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