It has been a long time since I made my last post…

When the George Zimmerman trial began, I immersed myself deeply into the trial.  I became engulfed in all of the surrounding media coverage and discussion panels.  I even followed the discussions that took place on social media, Facebook in particular.  The trial became so much larger than Trayvon Martin’s death and whether George Zimmerman was justified in his actions.  The trial exposed ugly truths rooted within our nation, and shed light into the darkest corners in the minds’ of our family, friends and co-workers.  Some valued relationships changed for me during that trial.

It was during that time that I could not bring myself to write posts for She’s Evolving because with such a historical, controversial and emotional trial taking place, writing about weight loss seemed insignificant.  It was then that I decided to widen the scope of She’s Evolving; after all, evolving is not limited to weight loss.  The road to change begins within us, and where better to start than in the mind. 

tempFileForShareShe’s Evolving will be undergoing a facelift within the next few weeks.  While I will still provide exercises, recipes and product reviews, She’s Evolving will also incorporate new topics such as natural products, and will positively challenge thoughts and perspectives with various news topics, and a few other ideas that are still brewing.  I am very excited about the changes that are on the horizon and look forward to your feedback!