(From a recent FB post)

I just finished my discussion board on three sociological perspectives and just had my mind blown. I couldn’t believe how many of my class mates believed social statuses were needed for our society to function. To that belief, I posed the question if social statuses were actually needed or if we were trained to believe that it’s necessary.

It may be how our society is functioning now, but if anything has been proven, it has proven to be a dysfunctional practice that people are suffering from. I was more surprised to read how many felt that people with money were entitled to power and that the “powerless” were outnumbered.

I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in that. I believe we are all entitled to equality, and we are all entitled to freedom. I do not believe that having less money makes me, or anyone else powerless…I am not a victim, and to think that way is dangerous and enslaves to a victim mentality.

I don’t believe that the “powerless” are outnumbered by the “powerful”. That is just absurd. That is what “they” would like you to believe, but I thought the world we live in now proves how wrong that is. I thought the wealthiest people only represent 1% of our nation??? I’m not perfect and if I’m wrong, please correct me.

I knew people were distracted and respect differences of opinions, but geesh! I just find this to be truly disturbing because if everyone thinks that way, then we are a nation of hopeless victims, and I know we are all so much more than that…I hope that I am not foolish for thinking that way.

Thanks for allowing me to clear my mind…


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