Take Charge

I haven’t been to the gym the last few months, and I haven’t missed it.  The last few times that I did go to the gym, I found myself going through the motions during my workout.  The thought of physically getting to the gym began to feel like chore and that is when I realized that I was craving change.

I don’t want to stop working out because it actually helps me maintain my sanity! 😉  I just have to change it up.   We all reach plateau’s at different points and in different areas of our lives.  It is our responsibility to make change happen.

I enjoy planning my workouts.  I watch videos, and read magazines to help me plan my fitness session by carefully choosing exercises that focus on the upper and lower body.  I have my own weights, medicine ball and resistance bands to keep my workouts challenging and provide a lot of variety.

After careful consideration, I’m excited to say that I have chosen to get rid of my gym membership and take charge of my workout by training at home! It’s a refreshing change and challenge that is both welcomed and needed…