Stiggers…The Importance of Positive Influences in Your Life


I met Stiggers on a temp to hire assignment.  I was being brought on to a company’s legal department as a Contracts Administrator, and Stiggers was already assisting in my department when I arrived.  She was a professional temp that had worked with almost every department in the company and her reputation was stellar.

At the time that I met her, I was trying to distinguish what my next step was going to be professionally and felt like my head was in a cloud.  I was hoping this new opportunity would be the answer I was searching for, and it was but for different reasons.

Stiggers and I hit it off immediately.  She was positive and lively and made me laugh.  Professionally we clicked.  We had similar work ethics, fed off of each others ideas, and supported each other’s ideas on implementing effective and efficient processes for the department.  Her…

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