Now that I am going back to working out from home, I am honestly getting excited about working out again.  I remember when I was previously enjoying fitness at home , prior to getting yet another gym membership, I used to have fun watching videos for hours at a time and piecing together my routines.

Tonight I reintroduced myself to my favorite home fitness diva Zuzana “Zuzka” Light.  She introduced me to exercises that I had never seen before.  She challenged me, how to improvise, and she taught me about interval training-those who have worked out with me before dreaded seeing me pull out my timer! Lol!  I guess they knew I was ready for business!

Another favorite fitness diva of mine is Jennifer Nicole Lee.  She took working out to a whole new level and built her own franchise.  But she also  guided me through great workouts; however, it is her energy that I enjoy most.

Although I still applied the same effort in organizing my workout prior to going to the gym, I would end up changing my routine when I got to the gym.  Sometimes I would have to cut my routine short if I noticed the gym was getting crowded-(I still had to get weights in); other times, it would be challenging finding an open area where I could complete my routines without interruption.

Whether you workout at home or at the gym, what is most important is to keep moving!  Here are a couple of favorites from both ladies, and I have posted more under the “Workout” tab under “Videos”!

Enjoy your week!