Distracted From Our Value

Regardless of the food we eat; the way and how often we exercise; and what our end results will be, we all have to start with setting a goal.  Some people have the goals of losing weight, others have a clothing size they want to fit in, some want to add muscle mass, others want to improve their strength and flexibility.  We are different, and our goals are as different as our method of achieving success.  However, this part is only a fraction of a much larger process.tumblr_ms5zhacwNO1qav7gxo1_1280

More often than not, there is a deeper issue that has rooted itself within us that has caused us to stray from where we once were or would ultimately like to be.  For example, I am an emotional eater.  When I am stressed, worried, anxious, depressed, or anywhere in a negative state of mind, I have the tendency to eat.  I recognize that it is only a temporary fix that I always regret sinking into, but somewhere along the way I adopted the habit of finding comfort in food.  I have friends who are the direct opposite and lose their appetite until they have worked through their problems, and then they regain their appetite.  Again, we are all different.

When I first started my She’s Evolving blog, my focus was mainly on weight loss, but that soon changed.  I realized that until the deeply rooted problems are addressed, any results will be temporary.  I had to figure out what my trigger spots were, and although I’m not perfect and I have not solved all of my life’s challenges, I am working on learning new ways of dealing with my problems.  This realization changed She’s Evolving from being solely about weight loss, and became more focused on Healthy Lifestyle Evolution.

We are all more than our problems, and I think that somewhere along the lines, we have all lost sight of that.  We are so distracted by the flashing lights that we forget the value and promise within ourselves and each other.  We have forgotten the power of positivity, and words and acts of kindness.  Our attention shifted to the grand marketing scheme of wanting a lifestyle that only 1% of people actually live.  We have been sucked into a false belief of the standards of beauty and hurt ourselves and each other in trying to gain it.  Looking like the fashion models and celebrities in magazines is detrimental to who we are because we are comparing ourselves to standards that do not exist.  Our life is not airbrushed each morning when we wake up.  These distractions devalue us and undermine our accomplishments.

All of this is to say, the less distracted we are the more tuned in we are to what is important, the more we are able to look at ourselves and love what we see.  We will be less inclined to lose ourselves in pursuit of impossible standards; which leaves us to be happy with who we are.  When we are happy with who we are, we are comfortable within our skin.  This means, we are likely to invest in our happiness by taking better care of ourselves, and the world around us.


9 thoughts on “Distracted From Our Value

  1. Really liked your article, thank you. It reminds me to feel thankful for both my, and others, unique journeys.

    The beginning of your post brought to mind something I’d love to share with you. I was at a seminar on Friday (it’s funny how the same message can come to you in different ways), and one of the speaker’s words were particularly memorable. She said, “…know your values and goals and look at the thoughts and behaviours/habits you have that don’t support your values and goals. Then look at where you want to be (visualize it).” This has caused some deep thinking for me this weekend, as well as caused me to define what my goals are, figure out how to measure these goals, and commit to ridding myself of some ‘behaviours/thoughts’ that don’t support where I’m going. (btw, I smoke cigarettes, no different than overeating, but it takes my time and energy away from my goals so this will be ending shortly – as in the end of today).

    Sometimes it can seem like we’re supposed to look outside of ourselves to see how we’re doing, when really, it’s the opposite. Only I can know how far I’ve come, what I’ve learned, what I’ve accomplished, what and who I have to be grateful for and about, and what I have to work on. Everything else is just “tune-out-able” noise. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

      What an impactful statement the speaker made. I can’t begin to image the thought process you went through as you absorbed every word. That is something I can apply to my own life. Thank you for sharing!

  2. You hit the nail on the head. I have never been thin, but also not obese. For many years I was obsessed with my weight and it went up and down. Then I made peace with my body – i stopped obsessing and my weight has not fluctuated since then. I am a healthy 60 year old granny with no weight problems..

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my post! Acceptance is such a “freeing” moment. While there are some aspects of myself and my life that I have accepted, I am still and will always be a work in progress. Thank you for sharing your story, it’s inspiring… 😉

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