Conscious Eating

e713e2b413191066e11ed3f228d54b28Many blogs, and websites, like She’s Evolving, that are committed to adopting a healthier lifestyle address conscious eating through portion control, balanced and nutritious meals, meal planning and the list goes on.  Although all of these things are important when considering your health and eating rituals, it is not often when we explore deeper matters that affect us all, but stem from a bigger picture.

Although it is vital to me that She’s Evolving shares all of its information from a positive prospective; I am just as committed to sharing knowledge that will help bring awareness.  She’s Evolving is not a platform of trying to conform everyone to a single opinion; however, it is a platform to expand upon information that will encourage people to consider, to share and discuss, to learn from and continuously grow.

Nutrition LabelI have never pretended to be perfect in my own evolution process to lead a healthier lifestyle.  I am human, and like everyone, I have my periods where I want something greasy and cheesy.  Honesty is relatable.  With that being said, although I am very conscious about what I eat, (and feel guilty whenever I’m on the junk food train), by reading labels, cut out carbonated and sugary beverages, and try to make healthier choices; I can openly admit that outside of sodium, sugar, carbohydrate and fat information stored on the label, I am ignorant to the process beforehand.  Like most people, I am very limited in knowing where my food came from and as much as I thought I knew about reading the labels, this video let me know that I have so much more to learn and think about.

Talk to any health coach or nutritionist, and they will confirm the importance of having a well-balanced meal, and carbohydrates should not be eliminated from your diet, but instead, they should be monitored.  Fitness enthusiasts will share the importance of having protein in your diet to repair cells and create new ones, to build and repair tissues and they are aware that it is an essential building block, and key in creating and maintaining lean muscle.  So we learn these things and immediately commit to boneless, skinless chicken, and seafood high in protein and packed with Omega 3’s.  But yet again, we don’t think beyond that and consider the what story behind our protein sources.

Here are a couple very interesting articles to consider.  They left me wondering about what I am putting into my body and how it could or will affect me.

*Disclaimer, the videos and links provided in this post were not written by She’s Evolving and are solely shared with the intended purposes of bringing awareness only. 

-She’s Evolving


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