What can’t I say about my Gymboss timer…gymbossHmmmm…simply put, I LOVE my timer!!!  Using a timer with your workouts can dramatically change up your workout whether you are using it for cardio or weight training.  What makes Gymboss so special is that it allows you to set the total time alloted for the workout, the time for each set and the rest period.  It’s small, and convenient, cost effective ($19.99) and is ideal for interval and circuit training.  Not ready to invest $20 on a timer?  Try their free app available on most phones…gymboss appI haven’t tried the app yet because I just found out about it, but the actual timer is a must have on your list of “tools” that should be in your gym bag!  😉  To order your timer online simply go to: http://www.gymboss.com


#Isopure, #Meltdown

*Disclaimer, please check with your physician before trying any of these products.  What works for me may be different for you.

VPX Meltdown
This is my abosulte favorite fatburner.  It gives me energy, allowing me to train hard and giving me the energy to complete my workout.  I’m caffeine sensitive, yet it doesn’t give me the jitters, head-aches, heart palpitaions, or light-headed feelings that are often side effects of other fatburners.  It also helps with mental focus, and appetite suppression.
What I love MOST about this fatburner is how great I feel when I take it.  I feel like I’m having the best day ever.  I feel positive, energized, focused and ready to give more than 100% in the gym!
If you’re interested in purchasing your own, GNC sells it for $64.99…Bodybuilding.com has it for $35.00


Nutri Bullet

I realized that I have not been eating a lot of veggies and I wanted to change that so that I started to include them in my meals.  But I felt like my body was craving more.
I had read and seen videos that stated most vegetables lose their nutritional value as soon as they are heated, and to reap the nutritional benefits of vegetables you should enjoy them raw.  At that point, I began to consider getting a juicer and incorporating vegetables into my smoothies.  The challenge with juicers, is that they often separate the skin from the juice.  The skin is where all the nutrition is!

Enter Nutri-Bullet!!!

It emulsifies everything into juice form.  Apples, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, oatmeal, or even nuts and seeds…No Problem!

The way it works is simple.  Grab a green vegetable as your base.  Add a few veggies of your choice on top of the green base vegetable.  Add fresh or frozen fruit (this sweetens the beverage and camaflauges the vegetable taste), add water and ice (optional) and blend!
I drink mine as my vegetable serving with my meal.  For example, I’ll fix one serving of salmon, and a serving of whole grain rice and will drink an 8 oz glass of veggies!  Interested in having one of your own?  You can watch the infomercial and order it there, or you can print out a 20% off coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond and purchase it there-(like I did!)

Isopure Isopure 2Isopure Powder Isopure Powder 2









If you follow me on Facebook or twitter, there is no doubt of how much I love Isopure protein.  I consider it to be the crème de la crème of protein powders and drinks, and it has a price tag to support it.  Nutritional facts about this product include:

  • 50g of protein per serving (powder form)/40g of protein (bottled drink)
  • It is a combination of protein and complex carbohydrates  that fuel your body for exercising
    *complex carbs absorb moderately and maintain blood sugar level stability
  • Does not contain fat which means less calories
    *studies reflect fat slows the delivery of nutrients to your muscles after working out (livestrong.com)
  • Along with a balanced blend of protein and carbohydrates, Isopure contains an array of vitamins and minerals.


Dymatize Iso 100
Dymatize Iso 100 is a smooth and tasty whey protein isolate powder that easily blends with water, milk or juice.  (I love to add vanilla  to my smothies because the possibilites are endless!)  With 25g of protein for each serving, it also has no sugar and no carbs.   Hydrolyzing a protein is another way of saying “purifying” which means it is easier for your body to absorb.    Isolated proteins are filtered to remove lactose which makes it the purest form of protein, it also has a complete amino acid profile and has the fasted absorbtion rate.  Fast absorbtion allows it to create lean muscle and increases recovery rate (bodybuilding.com).  Dymatize can be found almost everywhere and is very cost effective.

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