Here’s What’s New…

Hello Everyone!

I apologize that it has taken me this long to provide you with a new post!  

Here’s What’s New!

  • It has taken me so long to make a post because I have started my own business called She’s Virtual Office Solutions.  I am basically offering remote business and administrative services to small and medium sized establishments.  I realized that there are a lot of business owners out there who are looking for support, but perhaps not in a full time capacity and would prefer to pay for the services they need as they need them.  Other establishments may be looking for full-time help, but without the overhead costs.  She’s Virtual Office Solutions’ focus is to provide quality, customized support from a experienced professional.  My focus is ensuring that my client’s business is a success!  So between working, school, working out, and starting a business, I’ve been pretty busy!  I may not have been posting, but please believe that I have been evolving!  ;)Please be sure to visit my website, and spread the word!
  • I’m sure you have noticed a change in the format of my blog.  Gone is the wooden floor background with the crinkled paper.  I chose to reformat it  because I wanted something that would streamline with my business website.  I have linked She’s Evolving to my business website and wanted to maintain the crisp, minimalist look, with dashes of color.  I like it, but I am still working on a few things that I think need adjusting…so Stay Tuned!
  • My workouts have been consistent, but have changed.  As you have read in my previous posts, you must always LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!  Most of you are already aware of the challenges that I have with my back, and for those who don’t know, please read my post *Long, Heavy Siiiiiiiiiigh, (  I am proud to say that I have since got my groove back in the gym and overall, my workouts have been going very well.  As I pay closer attention, my body is transitioning.  In the past, running was my cardio of choice, but lately, the lower, right portion of my back spasms every time I run.  I’ve tried stopping and stretching it out and start running again, but the last time I did that, I felt like my muscle was going to snap, so I stopped and went back to the drawing board.  I went back to my faithful cardio drills to get me moving to become the sweat dripping, force of fitness that I enjoy; only to be accompanied by beast mode weights!  Lol!  I also alternated my cardio from drills to the elliptical machine daily and realized that by back stopped challenging me once I stopped running.  I am not giving up on running, but I am listening to where my body leads me.  In the mean time, I am now able to slip out of the pants I dreaded buying, The Ugly Truth (, without having to unbutton, or unzip.  I feel as though I have dropped two pant sizes, but I’m still letting these pants hang off of me until I can get into all of my lovely jeans folded in my closet!  😉
  • Those of you who have followed my blog for a while, already know that I enjoy working out and that I like to share anything new that try.  I have changed my supplement stack.  I now only take my fatburner right before my workout, along with a tablespoon of L-Carnitine.  Prior to my higher calorie meals, I started taking Garcinia Cambogia Extract.  I am very happy with both of the products, and consider them to be contributors to my weight loss.  For more information on how they work: 

1.Garcinia Cambogia Extract:

2. L-Carnitine:

  • Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to participate in a 90 minute Zumba class.  I have taken Zumba in the past and it has always been a hit or miss, but the class I attended Saturday was the absolute best Zumba class I had been apart of.  I felt welcome from the moment I walked in the door and met the instructor Dayna.  She was excited and welcomed me and was even receptive to my mentioning her class on She’s Evolving.  Prior to class starting, I witnessed Dayna going around the classroom to talk with all of her participants.  Usually in any aerobic class, there are a few people who have the dreaded look of “Ugh, I just can’t wait to get this over with”.  Dayna’s class was different.  It was a room filled with positive energy.

When the music started, I expected to see Dayna get on the stage and give a us a pep talk before we start moving, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Dayna start dancing on the floor with her class.  It left me with the impression that she was in this with us and that we would all have fun together.  I was highly impressed.  If you are in the San Antonio area, and looking for some fun while getting fit, definitely join a Zumba class with Dayna.  I assure you that you will not regret it!  😉



A New Perspective is Needed to Scheduling a Healthy Lifestyle

Lifestyle change is an adjustment.  It can be time-consuming learning how to undo old habits and create new ones and practice them until they become habit.  One of the biggest adjustments is learning how to manage your time.  People struggle with finding the time to workout, or in some instances, meal plan and prep.  In times like this, we need a new perspective is needed.


Without much thought, we have all created daily routines that have become a staple for our survival.  We wake up, get ready for the day, go to work, eat lunch, get off work, stop at the store, go home, change clothes, cook dinner and eat dinner watching our favorite show, and then we are off to bed.  When the weekends come, we often use that as our time to catch up on things we did not have time for during the week.  Sometimes we get invited to do things that we have to decline on because we already have something planned.

If you are serious about developing a healthy lifestyle, time management is a must.  The first approach is to change your perspective about adding healthy habits to your schedule.  Many people make the mistake of looking at it as they have to find the time, and I am here to tell you, you will never “find” the time.  It is up to you to MAKE the time, and make it a staple in your daily routine.

For example, the night before work, prepare your lunch while fixing dinner.  Pack a gym bag while you are getting your clothes ready for work and on that next day, stop at the gym or the park on your way home so that you can work out for at least an hour.  When you get home, you can still enjoy your favorite shows with your dinner by having them recorded.  This will even save you a little time by giving you the option to fast forward through commercials.  Your weekends can start with your workout.  Make working out the first thing you do in the morning.  When you wake up, put your gym clothes on and go for a run, or head to the gym.  From there you can start your day, and will find that you have more energy to get everything accomplished.

But that is not where it stops.  It has to become a fixture in your lifestyle.  For example, if someone asked you to go out for a breakfast date on Tuesday morning, chances are you are going to tell them “I can’t, I have to work” and you will schedule it for another time that is convenient for you.  The same thing applies to your fitness.  If someone asks you to go to happy hour or shopping, or out to dinner, your response should be “I can’t, I have to go to the gym” and then schedule it for another time.

The same applies to healthy eating.  It can sometimes take a little more time to prepare your meals in advance, especially if you live on fast food, junk food, and microwaved meals.  But preparing your food for the next day, next few days or for the week can be accomplished while you are enjoying your down time.  For example, you can sit down in front of the television, or talk on the phone while you wash, cut and contain fruits and veggies.  After cooking dinner, you can separate your foods into serving size containers while you are cleaning the kitchen.  These small steps allow you to open the fridge, grab your food and go.  If you prefer drinking smoothies for breakfast, pack all the ingredients needed in a zip lock bag so that all you have to do is put it in the blender, add, water, milk, or juice, blend and you’re out the door.

A healthy lifestyle requires multi-tasking and maximizing your time.  This type of proficiency will not only benefit the pursuit of your healthy lifestyle, it will spill over into all aspects of your life.  The worst that can happen is that you will become a fit, healthy, organized person who is proficient in multi-tasking their life…sounds like a winner to me!  😉

Why Pay Fitness Forward???


Why I choose to pay fitness forward…

I met an interesting man in the gym the other day.  He appeared to be in his mid to late sixties and was very proud to share his 100bls weight loss story with me.  We exchanged what are current goals are and offered insight in each others’ workout.  I walked away feeling inspired by a man who was twice my age and worked out as regularly and as hard as I do.

There are many stories like that in the gym.  On the flip side, there are also stories of where we all began in the gym.  At some point in our lives, we have been the new person in the gym and feeling uncertain on what to do so we stick to that one piece of equipment that we understand.  As a new person, you find yourself taking mental notes of how to use other equipment by watching other people.  Perhaps on a day when the gym is practically empty, you will attempt to try new equipment.

I have been approached many times and told that I should be a trainer, or a nutritionist and I previously considered it.  But what I learned is that I am fitness and nutrition enthusiast and with everything I learn, I want to share with the next person.  I have had my own success and failure stories that are filled with lessons learned.  With the lessons I have learned, I believe that it is my responsibility to help the next person.  Trust me when I say that my own success stories are filled with lessons I have learned from others.  Why should health and fitness be any different?

With everything I learn, with everything I know; I choose to pay it forward.  This state of mind is the reason I have chosen to blog.  The only thing I ask of anyone that learns and/or benefits from me, my posts, my workouts, or my nutritional information, is to share it and pay it forward to the next person.  Be a positive force in someone else’s life…the rewards endlessly ripple effect to others.