Pop Tart Haunting…

Pop Tarts

I love Pop Tarts.  It stems from childhood enjoyment.  I like them toasted or straight out of the shiny silver packaging, but NEVER under any circumstance will I eat them microwaved.  (ugh!  *cold shiver).
I woke up this morning with an intense craving for one.  I could taste it, I could smell it in the toaster, it was haunting me.  I hit the snooze button on my craving so that I could continue my blissful and sleepy journey for as long as I could.  But when I got up to start my day, I remembered I had some blueberry Pop Tart’s in the pantry.  Were they stalking me???
As I walked towards the pantry, and checking twitter, facebook and emails on my phone, I thought about the warm crunchy texture encasing the sweet blueberry flavor within.  As I contemplated taking the plunge into 400 sugary calories, I looked at She’s Evolving on FB and realized that I wanted something MORE than a moment of delight that I would regret afterward…and the aching in my body reminded me that I was on my way…
I closed the pantry door and grabbed some water feeling quite TRIUMPHANT!  😉

Enjoy your day!