What’s On Your Gym Play List???

Current WERK playlist faves…

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*long, heavy siiiiiiiiigh….

I’m a little angry today. I started training a friend of mine yesterday and was beaming with pride after our workout. I was, and still am so very proud of her and I am looking forward to our next session tomorrow. But as of this very moment…I’m frustrated.

In 2008, I was in an auto accident where I was smashed between two trucks and although I am very thankful to have not sustained a debilitating injury or have to have any surgery, I did receive an injury that continues to haunt me.  Basically, the base of my spine, known as the sacrum, is turned inward on the right side.  Initially, it left my hips misaligned, but physical therapy and yoga helped tremendously.

I guess you can say that I’m frustrated because I’m a firm believer in working hard to get the results I want.  I resent being slowed down.  Today, I definitely had to pause so that I could be ready for “Tammy’s” next training session tomorrow.  I refuse to giver her any exercise that I can’t do.  She can attest that with her first session with me, I was with her every step of the way.  I still plan on working out tomorrow with “Tammy”, but regret that today I had to listen to my body and slow down.  I still might try to do a few exercises tonite, but listening to my body is aways key.


Wish me well folks!  Tomorrow is a new day!!!