Allow Me to Introduce Myself

UnknownHello!  My name is Liana and I am a 29-year-old mother of 3, ages 11, 9 and 21 month old.  I am so excited to become a part of the “She’s Evolving” blog and to share my experiences with you all!  After the birth of my first two children, I thought I had a pretty good metabolism and that I would never get to a point where I would really have to workout consistently to maintain my figure.  Man was I WRONG!!!  I gained 61.2 pounds with my youngest and I have yet to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

This is my journey to share a happier, healthier lifestyle for myself and family and it all started with changing my mind frame and attitude as well as words of encouragement of my sister, Charisse.  I will not lie, eating healthy and working out with her…. I want to cuss her out and say f-this, but I have my own motivation now and with her encouragement, it makes all the difference.

I have also signed up for an online weight loss program called “Lose It”.  I entered my goal weight, which is 125 pounds and the system provided me with a daily “budget” of 1,061 calories a day.  Once you have entered the meals and workouts you have done for the day, you will know if you stayed within your “budget”.  ‘Lose It’ is also accessible through an app on your smart phone or tablet so you can keep up with the information on the go.

I hope by now contributing my story, along with other informative and exciting information and motivation, you too can find the motivation you need to become a happier healthier YOU!

”She’s Evolving” is what I want people to say and think when they see my accomplishments! You can do it too!


Change Requires An Introduction…

If you are a regular follower of She’s Evolving you probably have noticed that it has been a long while since I have last posted, and even during that time, my posts were infrequent.  Time management has been my enemy lately, and although I miss writing and sharing everything that I learn, am learning, in the process of doing or experiencing; I have been struggling to find balance between working full-time and going to school full-time.  But I do miss sharing with you, and reading your responses so I have decided to do something about it.


In the interest of my blog and of all of you, I have decided to invite a contributing author to continue sharing stories of health, nutrition, exercise and personal growth.  Please welcome Liana!  Like most of us, she is on a journey of metamorphosis and is very excited to share her experiences.  I will continue to post as time permits, even if that means preparing something to have Liana post on my behalf.  I still have so much to share, and so much to learn!

Stay tuned…exciting changes are on the horizon!